You Are Amazing. No Matter What.

You are awesome, amazing, the cat's meow. Don't believe me? Then come join me here. You were not put on God's green earth to ... just kinda exist. No, you were created to shine, shine, SHINE. This workshop focuses on reconnecting to your soul's excitement of getting to come to this Earth school to be YOU.


In this workshop, you'll (re)connect to the truth of Who You Are and the gifts that Spirit bestowed upon you to share. Your shoulders will relax and your heart will fill as you immerse yourself in the unconditional amazingness of your true nature.

God Adores You. No Matter What.

God is not your parent, your teacher, or Santa. God does not dole out love based on your actions of the day, year, or lifetime. God loves you. Adores you. And nothing can change that. This workshop focuses on reframing outdated beliefs that say otherwise and filling yourself with the deeply remembered truth of God's permanent status as your #1 fan.

In this workshop, you'll soak in the beautiful energy that comes when you tune in to God's unconditional love for YOU - not because of what you do or think or proclaim. Just because you are. No matter what.

You've Got This. No Matter What.

Life can throw curveballs, and it can throw them hard. But you've got this. Regardless of the situation, you've got this. This workshop focuses on clearing out limiting beliefs and activating the deep truths of your soul - those that Know that you have all of the inner resources necessary to effectively handle any situation.

In this workshop, you'll (re)connect to the part of you that has the guidance you seek, the motivation to empower you, and the confidence that you can pull it all off ... whatever your "it" may be. No matter what.

Love Yourself, Dammit. No Matter What.

Too often, we tear ourselves down and limit our lives with debilitating self-criticism. This workshop focuses on learning, or remembering, to bring love to all the parts of ourselves - especially the parts that seem unlovable.


In this workshop, you'll bask in the glow of (re)connecting to your self-compassion and -acceptance, as well as the part of you that Knows that you are unconditionally lovable. No matter what.

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"No Matter What" Workshops

Pick one topic to delve into deeply, or multiple topics to focus on the exquisite pattern that is woven when they are all brought together. We'll work together to plan the workshop focus and length that are just what you are looking for. Contact me and we'll design an amazing event!

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